Warding with WiFi


Incorporating technology into witchcraft is a dividing topic in the pagan community. Personally, I’m a fan. Emoji spells, online altars, digital books of shadows. The possibilities are endless. Almost everybody has a smart phone which means they also have a vast expanse of knowledge that is ever-changing, ever-growing.

Tumblr is a good resource when you want unique ideas on modern day witchcraft. There I came across the idea of WiFi routers and modems being used as powerful wards. Routers emit radio waves which go in every and all direction. The waves are hindered by walls, objects, and microwaves. These waves are energy, and they are constant.

So when I think about wards I visualize them as bubbles radiating from the object/space or as a wall of energy, depending on the type. Altering the purpose and intent of the WiFi allows you to repurpose those waves. You’d have continuous power feeding it and the strength relies on the quality of the signal.

I converted my router into a protection and positivity ward. To be honest I was lazy and just wrote some sigils on a note card, stuck it under the router, and visualized the intent, but there are so many possibilities.

Some Ideas:

  • Make you router name a spell
  • Ditto with the password
    • or have the two interacting activate the spell so you could control timing and what not (I’m going to think on this and write a later post)
  • You could use it to protect your devices
  • You could also use sigils to increase speed, but that’s not really a ward
  • Placement could also be interesting to experiment with
  • Decorating the router accordingly
    • colors, symbols, etc.

If you would like more information on how WiFi works Here is a quick video.


3 thoughts on “Warding with WiFi

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