Altar Crafting

Altar Crafting

My altars change on a regular basis. Almost weekly my SO and I head out to our local Salvation Army and peruse the shelves for new additions to our individual practices and home. Honestly, I recommend checking out thrift stores before you buy anything full price off the internet or from other shops. However, I’m a huge supporter of local business, and if you’re lucky enough to have a witchy shop within a reasonable distance that would be preferable.

It’s common for beginner witches to start with Wicca, and this leaves them with the idea that their altar must be set up following those guidelines. Sometimes people people feel stuck or think that they just don’t connect with that aspect of witchcraft. Nobody needs one to be a witch.

I was years into my practice before I got the knack for altar creation, and it’s one of the most fulfilling aspects of my path. In the beginning, I was just going through the motions, unsure why I was doing certain things and curious as to the purpose of the trinkets arranged on the corner of my dorm room desk. Eventually, I gave up all together.

But then I came across the idea of a magickal workbench, a space to express my witchiness, where I could work on my craft and be more hands on. Soon my work bench spanned a writing desk, a long white table, an end table, and my makeup battlestation. Obviously, I needed to scale it down a bit. Now I just use a small desk in my studio as an altar, and I’ve come to find that I prefer to only use it for my witchy business.

An altar is a micro version of the universe. When you change, add, or remove things from your altar you are making changes in the universe. I view the top my altar as the conscious and under it the subconscious, but there are numerous ways to interpret your altar. It reflects the energies you want to cultivate within your life. My current altar was made with the intention of bringing wealth and prosperity to me. A day after completing the new set up my boss offered me a side job cleaning the office which added an extra $200 a month to my paycheck.

Some Ideas to Elevate Your Altar Crafting:

  • Play with height.
    • This can create interesting contrast to the layout, and will allow you to bring attention to certain objects.
    • You can also use height to denote certain ideas: heaven/ earth, conscious/unconscious, divine/mundane, etc.
  • Make your own devotional candles.
    • I made a Leslie Nope candle and always keep it near by so I can imbibe her essence. Just having her on my altar helps me manifest her energy.
  • Use tarot cards
    • I use tarot cards because they are perfect for representing archetypal energies. If I want to be more creative and connect with the divine feminine I use the Empress or when I want to gain a deep understanding of my inner self I pick the Hermit.
    • The pip cards work just as well as the major arcana. They represent the day to day aspects of our lives instead of cosmic energy, archetypes, and big picture stuff.
  • Using personal mementos
  • The written word
    • Words are powerful. My altar has sticky notes in various places with words of importance, notes, and quotes.
    • You can include poems, speeches, letters, etc.
  • Themes
    • Often, people will decorate according to sabbats, but you can also incorporate other themes like the seasons, specific colors, the duality of male and female (this is my favorite), a specific animal, etc.
  • Interesting thrift store finds
    • You can find the coolest things at a second hand shop. I’ve snagged offering dishes, a cauldron, several glass containers for various purposes, and several figurines.
  • Having a central focus item
  • Creating separate sections on your altar

Unconventional Altar Options:

  • Mini tin altars
  • Shoebox altars
  • Digital altars
    • You can also create websites dedicated to deities or ideas that others can use. A great example is this website dedicated to Frigg where visitors can “light a candle” in gratitude, praise, or for a request.
  • Make an entire room your altar space
  • Shadow boxes
  • Kitchen altars
  • Bathroom altars
  • Bedroom altars
  • Outdoor altars!
    • Not really unconventional, but still uncommon enough to warrant  a mention. While walking my cat, he found an old stump which I cleaned and now use when working outside. It’s great for working with landvaettir.
    • Special gardens can also work as altars.
  • Collage altars
    • You can create collages for your altars, and any time you want to change something make a new one. This is good for people in the broom closet or low on funds.



Making Your Home a Magickal Haven

inallyfoundmy newhome! (1)

The home is one of the most important aspects of a person’s life, but many forget the significant role it plays in our lives. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a pyramid used to illustrate what people need in order to be fulfilled and satisfied in their life. The first four sections of the pyramid are what Maslow referred to as “deficiency needs” because they are fundamental. Shelter resides in the largest section, Psychological needs, but can also be considered part of the second section, Safety needs.maslow

Creating a safe, warm environment where I live is essential to my mental health and spiritual practice. I focus my magickal efforts towards the betterment of my hearthcult. Protection spells, kitchen magick, and maintaining a healthy happy home is the majority of what I do (in various forms). Since becoming a witch I’ve lived in a dorm room and then several apartments which made it difficult to set up a magickal inner sanctum. But I realized after a year or two of constant moving that no matter where you live you can still make it a sanctuary. 

Some simple ideas:

  • Wards
    • Simply put a ward is a field of magick that can be used for various purposes, but most witches use them for protection. There are numerous types of wards you can use, and in a previous article I discussed warding with WiFi. The one I have around my apartment promotes positivity and blocks all negative energy.
  • Protection sachets
    • Making a simple sachet filled with protective herbs and items is simple and effective. I have a few on the tops of windows and door frames.
  • Sigils
    • I’m a die-hard fan of sigils. I use them in almost all magickal workings. They’re simple and potent.
    • Ideas or using sigils around the home:
      • Use oils to paint a protective one on your front door.
      • Make ones for positivity and hide them in place throughout the space.
      • Sigils for sleep kept on your head board or under your mattress.
      • Draw self-love sigils on mirrors.
      • Use them as a part of your wards.
  • Having an altar (or many)
    • I have my main altar in our studio, but I also have a spice cabinet in my kitchen and a simple bedroom altar.
    • You don’t have to have an altar to practice magick or be a witch, and I didn’t have one for a while because it just didn’t feel right to me. However, altars bring a sense of magick and mystery to the home.
    • I love green things (as most pagans do), and have plants scattered throughout my home. They help elevate moods, clean the air in some instances, can be used in spell work, and look pretty.
    • I have a plant dedicated to Frigg, and taking care of it is a work of devotion to her.
    • Plants directly connect you to nature.
    • You can even create an indoor magickal garden. I have rosemary and mint near my altar for use in spells and kitchen magick.
  • Cleanliness
    • This is just general house keeping. Keeping your space at least somewhat clean and organized will improve mood and the overall energy of your space.
    • You can work magick into your cleaning routine with simple tweaks.
      • Adding a pinch of salt and a few drops of essential oils to an all natural cleaning solution helps kick it up a notch.
      • Sweeping gets rid of negative energy.
      • As a kitchen witch, the hearth (oven) is important to me and I try to keep it clean in reverence to ancestors and Frigg.
  • Incense, essential oils, and candles
    • In some apartments don’t allow incense or even candles, but you can still get a similar effect from a diffuser.
    • Candles bring the element of fire safely into your home.
    • Incense and essential oils alter your state of mind, and can affect moods, cleanse spaces, or be used in the creation of wards.