As a Witch, one of the most frustrating things was the lack of resources and personal experiences in the online world. Time continues to progress and the amount of witchcraft content grows. My goal for this blog is to create an ever-growing wealth of information and ideas, as well as a safe space for discussion. Several subjects including the Norse Pantheon, kitchen craft, and witchy bullet journaling will be featured on the site. I will also be blogging about my year and a day studies as I progress through my plan. This is what I’m most excited about because when I first started all I could find were paid courses or books.

I’m Rose. Growing up in a Catholic family, I never connected with the faith. In third grade, I told my teacher I wanted to be a priest. She blinked, taken aback by my statement.

“Well,” She said, “women can’t be priests. But you can be a nun.”

Defiant, I seethed all the way home on the school bus as it rattled around the suburbs of Pittsburgh. When I got home I asked my mom why only men could be in charge in the church; why couldn’t I (devote child that I was) also connect to god in the same manner. I got a similar response from her.

This was the first time I questioned the validity of my beliefs and it started me on the path I still walk today. I’ve been a practicing witch for about five years, and a tarot reader for three (My ex-minister-step-dad bought me my first deck of cards on my 20th birthday). The most accurate way to describe my praxis also happens to be the most long-winded. I am an eclectic panpsychic pagan that follows the northern traditions. I just tell people I’m a hearth witch because that sums it up pretty well. Solitary was the only way I went about my faith until a little bit ago when I joined a wonderful coven. It will be interesting to see how this experience will shape my views.

I’m also a writer by trade which is another reason I started this blog. I wanted a place to display my work and put my skills to good use while I have time in between larger projects.

This blog will evolve just as I do. I hope you guys enjoy what I have to say, and I look forward to hearing from you. Blessed be!