My Spice Cabinet Altar


About 70% of the tools I use in my practice are found at thrift stores or garage sales. It’s a thrill finding just the perfect thing without even knowing you were looking for it. My significant other and I go on bi-weekly trips to our local Salvation Army, and on one of these visits we stumbled across this cool spice cabinet. Knowing it would be perfect for my kitchen craft and because he loves the aesthetic, my SO bought it for me.

When we got home I cleaned it, cleansed it, and began transforming it into my kitchen altar. The altar sits inside a tall, skinny cabinet in the corner of my kitchen. I color code all of my ingredients so my family and I can quickly identify if something is edible or not. The symbol on the inside of the right door is my personal sigil which came to me in a mediation. The other symbol (not the pentacle) is a sigil I made for protecting anything from all forms of harm.

On top I keep a strip of green cloth to represent earth, a quartz crystal I use for casting circles,  a walnut for protect, a birch branch to represent Frigg, and two pieces of fossilized wood.


Enchanting Packed Lunches


Kitchen Magick is one of my favorite forms of magickal working because the spell/recipe can be prepared at one time, and then consumed and activated hours or even days later. This aspect is especially helpful for moms and other busy individuals.

My Significant Other and I meet up and eat our lunches at a local park during the work week. Since I start my day later than he does, I make the lunches. My morning routine takes about two hours because I enjoy taking my time, but for others enchanting lunches may take some preparation the night before.

Of course, it’s best to use fresh and homemade ingredients whenever possible because 1) less chemicals in your food and 2) the energy you put into actually making something builds up, making the item more potent. Plus it tastes better. I’ve ruined store bought bread for my family.

I like to start with all the ingredients I’m going to use displayed on my kitchen counter. I cast a quick circle, and then I state the overall intent of the recipe. After that I go over each ingredient and state the why I’m using each one for the working and what they represent to me. Sandwiches are a staple in our lunches so I normally use some version of this spell. I draw any sigils needed, assemble the ingredients, and close the circle. At times I even draw runes or sigils on the bags containing the food.

Enchanting your lunches is a great way to get a little magickal pick me up in the middle of your day. Do you have a big presentation? Use some garlic for luck or basil for success. Feel like you and your partner need a little boost of love? Rosemary and basil. Feeling down? Cupcakes.

There are so many options and opportunities in kitchen magick, and all you need is a basic understanding of cooking techniques and food handling (don’t forget safety!!!).


Deliciously Simple “Love” Spell

Chocolate Pudding

My SO loves pudding. I make it for him all the time, and it only takes a minute to whip up. Of course something so simple sparked my witchy creativity, and I decided to make a chocolate pudding to increase and enhance feelings of love, intimacy, and happiness.


  • One package of chocolate pudding mix
  • Milk
  • Whisk
  • Cups to pour mixture in
    • I use four cute glass tea cups because it makes me feel fancy and it’s more romantic


  1. Gather ingredients and lay them out on your work space.
  2. Focus on your intent. Go through each ingredient and state its purpose for the spell.
    1. Chocolate corresponds with love, romance, lust, and sex.
    2. Milk corresponds with creativity, happiness, and health.
  3. Follow the instructions on the packaging. I use a whisk because it incorporates air into the mixture making it light and fluffy, but also because its energy is projective and corresponds with cheerfulness.
    1. While whisking the ingredients together focus on what your intent.
  4. Eat!

Positivity Peanut Butter and Honey Sandwiches

Positivity Peanut butter and Honey Sandwiches (1)

This recipe is simple to make and packs a real magickal punch.


  • Homemade bread
    • When you make something yourself it has more meaning behind it. Homemade bread isn’t necessary, but it tastes better and your spell will be more effective.
  • Raw Honey
  • Peanut butter
    • For me peanut butter corresponds with comfort. There have been many times when all I had to eat was a jar full of JIF.


  1. Cleanse your work space.
  2. If you feel the need to cast a circle do so now. I don’t, but that’s just me.
  3. Set out you ingredients. Holding your hands over the items state your intent. I normally say something like “May these ingredients nourish my body, mind, and soul. May they provide positivity and comfort when consumed.”
  4. Hold your dominant hand over each of the ingredients and state their purpose in the sandwich.
    1. PB – comfort
    2. Honey – sweeten words, perspectives, and actions
    3. Bread – this may be the most important part of the whole thing. Bread has a significant spiritual past because it was life sustaining for our ancient ancestors. Some cultures would bake hundreds of loaves a day for their gods. I often throw something about that in there when I get to this ingredient.
  5. I spread the honey on first because I prefer when it soaks into the bread. When doing this focus on all the sweet things you want to happen and how you view positivity active in your life. Use the knife as a sort of wand to direct your energies into it as you make it.
  6. Next is the Peanut butter. Do the same thing as step 5 only focus on comfort.
  7.  When your done draw a positivity sigil in the peanut butter.
  8. Now you’re done! Often I wrap mine in wax paper and draw the same sigil on the top when I’m taking it to work for lunch.


  • Jelly instead on honey.
    • My grandma makes homemade jelly every year, and it is the best dang stuff I’ve ever had. I sometimes substitute it for the honey because a.) it’s made with love and b.) the berries used to make it adds another level of correspondences.
      • Honestly most magick is all about the correspondences!