My Spice Cabinet Altar


About 70% of the tools I use in my practice are found at thrift stores or garage sales. It’s a thrill finding just the perfect thing without even knowing you were looking for it. My significant other and I go on bi-weekly trips to our local Salvation Army, and on one of these visits we stumbled across this cool spice cabinet. Knowing it would be perfect for my kitchen craft and because he loves the aesthetic, my SO bought it for me.

When we got home I cleaned it, cleansed it, and began transforming it into my kitchen altar. The altar sits inside a tall, skinny cabinet in the corner of my kitchen. I color code all of my ingredients so my family and I can quickly identify if something is edible or not. The symbol on the inside of the right door is my personal sigil which came to me in a mediation. The other symbol (not the pentacle) is a sigil I made for protecting anything from all forms of harm.

On top I keep a strip of green cloth to represent earth, a quartz crystal I use for casting circles,  a walnut for protect, a birch branch to represent Frigg, and two pieces of fossilized wood.


Silver Circle Coven Litha Altar

This altar is one my coven created during our Litha meet up and ritual. Every one brought objects of significance to them. One of the women just began work with Hecate, which is the photo, and several others brought their wands. Another member made us all small besoms, which can be seen in the second picture, to keep in our home or on our door for protection.


July 4th Altar Update

Updates and Changes:

  • Last week I picked up a nifty candy dish from a local thrift shop. It quickly turned into a container for manifestation. The same area became Frigg’s home and dedication space.
  • The green candle in a background is for drawing in and enhancing prosperity and wealth. I carved it with a bind rune last week.
  •  After much frustration, I added an offering dish and cup. I was having trouble with offerings to Frigg because I didn’t have a set space for them. It felt weak and unimportant which are never good feelings when it comes to work divinity. I’ll be keeping an eye out for a dish that catches my fancy or one that Frigg leads me to.