My Spice Cabinet Altar


About 70% of the tools I use in my practice are found at thrift stores or garage sales. It’s a thrill finding just the perfect thing without even knowing you were looking for it. My significant other and I go on bi-weekly trips to our local Salvation Army, and on one of these visits we stumbled across this cool spice cabinet. Knowing it would be perfect for my kitchen craft and because he loves the aesthetic, my SO bought it for me.

When we got home I cleaned it, cleansed it, and began transforming it into my kitchen altar. The altar sits inside a tall, skinny cabinet in the corner of my kitchen. I color code all of my ingredients so my family and I can quickly identify if something is edible or not. The symbol on the inside of the right door is my personal sigil which came to me in a mediation. The other symbol (not the pentacle) is a sigil I made for protecting anything from all forms of harm.

On top I keep a strip of green cloth to represent earth, a quartz crystal I use for casting circles,  a walnut for protect, a birch branch to represent Frigg, and two pieces of fossilized wood.



Deliciously Simple “Love” Spell

Chocolate Pudding

My SO loves pudding. I make it for him all the time, and it only takes a minute to whip up. Of course something so simple sparked my witchy creativity, and I decided to make a chocolate pudding to increase and enhance feelings of love, intimacy, and happiness.


  • One package of chocolate pudding mix
  • Milk
  • Whisk
  • Cups to pour mixture in
    • I use four cute glass tea cups because it makes me feel fancy and it’s more romantic


  1. Gather ingredients and lay them out on your work space.
  2. Focus on your intent. Go through each ingredient and state its purpose for the spell.
    1. Chocolate corresponds with love, romance, lust, and sex.
    2. Milk corresponds with creativity, happiness, and health.
  3. Follow the instructions on the packaging. I use a whisk because it incorporates air into the mixture making it light and fluffy, but also because its energy is projective and corresponds with cheerfulness.
    1. While whisking the ingredients together focus on what your intent.
  4. Eat!

Dancing in the Rain: A Magickal Look at Gloomy Days

Dancing in the Rain

I love rainy days, and we’ve had a wet summer in Northwestern Pa. They remind me of comfort, cuddling up in a blanket, drinking a steaming hot mug of tea, and listening to droplets pelt the window panes. Its calming to me.

Another reason I connect with rain is because my matron goddess is Frigg, and she is associated with the sky and cloud spinning which means she’s also controls the weather to a degree. I’ve been working on an in-depth post on her, and it should be up on the blog by the end of the week.

Rain is the giver of life for the entire ecosystem. The rain waters plants which feed animals, and then we eat those plants and animals. Of course all of this can be said about any type of water. Rain is just another step in the water cycle, and I’m sure most of us are familiar with this concept from middle school science class, but just in case here’s a diagram from the NASA website.Water-Cycle-Art2A

As you can see water goes through many stages before it becomes the powerful thunderstorm. This causes it to pick up extra energy from the area around it. Of course we must be careful when it comes to handling the water we collect for this very reason. NEVER ingest rain water without following the proper precautions. In some states it’s even illegal to collect.

There are different types of precipitation, and each corresponds with different things and have unique energies. In general rain reflects cycles, creativity, inspiration, energy, cleanse, growth. A light rain is good for cleansing, but a thunderstorm is perfect for release. Always remember that what something means to you is more important than what I or anybody else says. Trust your instincts.

Rain Magick Ideas:

  • Grounding
    •  Stay in a safe space
    • Stand with your feet firmly planted on the ground
    • Feel the thunder shake you to the core
    • Visualize the rain washing away old energy and replenishing you at the same time
  • Many witches attempt to raise storms
  • Others try to reroute them
    • I don’t think as witches we have the capability of controlling the weather, but we can always try to influence it
  • Collecting storm water
    • Uses:
      • In spells for a boost of power
      • Add a few drops to a bath
      • Use to make super charged moon water
      • Make an anointing water with various ingredients to use daily or whenever you need a boost
        • Good for getting into the ritual mindset
  • Release rituals
  • Bonding with rain/weather associated deities