Meal Prep Spells

here is always something to be thankful for.

Balancing work, school, and coven duties I’m often too busy to do kitchen magick more in-depth than enchanting a box of mac and cheese.  When cooking I prefer to gather all the ingredients and focus on the intent of each item. Sometimes I even cast a circle or meditate beforehand. But the truth of the matter is that most of my magick is done on the fly.

While this is fine some nights, it bothers me that I have to wait till the weekend to go through the whole shebang.  Recently, I’ve been interested in meal prep. It’s all over Pinterest and seems like an easy way to have full tasty meals in little time. This got me thinking about using the meals I prep as spells that would only be activated once they are cooked and consumed.

Using this method would make it easy for a witch to whip out a spell whenever the need arises. You could even pick the moon phase that corresponds with the spell and prep your meals then. This allows you to focus on your intent because you’ll have more time and won’t be rushed or drained of energy.


  • Pick bags that have corresponding colors to your intent
  • Draw sigils on the bags
  • Use containers with different shapes
    • ex: circle for unity, feminity, completion, etc.
  • Meal prep can be used for all three meals of the day
  • Use the same idea to make smoothie packs

Deliciously Simple “Love” Spell

Chocolate Pudding

My SO loves pudding. I make it for him all the time, and it only takes a minute to whip up. Of course something so simple sparked my witchy creativity, and I decided to make a chocolate pudding to increase and enhance feelings of love, intimacy, and happiness.


  • One package of chocolate pudding mix
  • Milk
  • Whisk
  • Cups to pour mixture in
    • I use four cute glass tea cups because it makes me feel fancy and it’s more romantic


  1. Gather ingredients and lay them out on your work space.
  2. Focus on your intent. Go through each ingredient and state its purpose for the spell.
    1. Chocolate corresponds with love, romance, lust, and sex.
    2. Milk corresponds with creativity, happiness, and health.
  3. Follow the instructions on the packaging. I use a whisk because it incorporates air into the mixture making it light and fluffy, but also because its energy is projective and corresponds with cheerfulness.
    1. While whisking the ingredients together focus on what your intent.
  4. Eat!

Litha Incense

Litha Incese Beginning


  • Lavender
  • Mint (I used some that I picked from my garden)
  • Rosemary
  • Carnations
    • These are from a Valentines Day flower bouquet my Significant Other bought me at the Pittsburgh Strip District
  • A mortar and pestle


Litha Incense LavanderLavender makes up the bulk of this recipe mostly because I love the sent, but also because it’s relaxing, peaceful, and attracts love. I don’t use measurements so pour as much or little as you’d like.

Litha Incense Mint

Mint is a purifying herb and it invigorates the senses.

Litha Incense Rosemary

Rosemary also purifies , banishes negative energy, and brings in love.

Litha Incense Final

The carnations were a very special part of this blend for me. While you guys might not have a similar connection to the flower, they represent love and there’s also an opportunity for color magick.

Then grind it into as fine as a powder as you can. Mortar and pestle is a time intensive way of grinding, but I like to use it as an opportunity to infuse my intent into it.

I use fast lighting charcoal in my cauldron to burn my blends. Be careful with this step and always make sure the container the charcoal is in can with stand the heat. I pour a thick bed of sea salt to set it on to help defuse the heat. You can burn as much or as little as you’d like.

Positivity Peanut Butter and Honey Sandwiches

Positivity Peanut butter and Honey Sandwiches (1)

This recipe is simple to make and packs a real magickal punch.


  • Homemade bread
    • When you make something yourself it has more meaning behind it. Homemade bread isn’t necessary, but it tastes better and your spell will be more effective.
  • Raw Honey
  • Peanut butter
    • For me peanut butter corresponds with comfort. There have been many times when all I had to eat was a jar full of JIF.


  1. Cleanse your work space.
  2. If you feel the need to cast a circle do so now. I don’t, but that’s just me.
  3. Set out you ingredients. Holding your hands over the items state your intent. I normally say something like “May these ingredients nourish my body, mind, and soul. May they provide positivity and comfort when consumed.”
  4. Hold your dominant hand over each of the ingredients and state their purpose in the sandwich.
    1. PB – comfort
    2. Honey – sweeten words, perspectives, and actions
    3. Bread – this may be the most important part of the whole thing. Bread has a significant spiritual past because it was life sustaining for our ancient ancestors. Some cultures would bake hundreds of loaves a day for their gods. I often throw something about that in there when I get to this ingredient.
  5. I spread the honey on first because I prefer when it soaks into the bread. When doing this focus on all the sweet things you want to happen and how you view positivity active in your life. Use the knife as a sort of wand to direct your energies into it as you make it.
  6. Next is the Peanut butter. Do the same thing as step 5 only focus on comfort.
  7.  When your done draw a positivity sigil in the peanut butter.
  8. Now you’re done! Often I wrap mine in wax paper and draw the same sigil on the top when I’m taking it to work for lunch.


  • Jelly instead on honey.
    • My grandma makes homemade jelly every year, and it is the best dang stuff I’ve ever had. I sometimes substitute it for the honey because a.) it’s made with love and b.) the berries used to make it adds another level of correspondences.
      • Honestly most magick is all about the correspondences!