Kitchen Witchery

In general I’ve always been drawn to domestic work. Cooking and taking care of my family is enjoyable and a necessary part of life (my little brother would eat nothing but noodle cups if I didn’t feed him). Food is what gives us the energy to do everything imaginable. Sports? Yep. Work? Of course. Witchcraft? Most definitely.

The food you consume has energies of its own, just like crystals and the elements. It seems like common sense, but if you cook with intent, choose your ingredients carefully, and consume mindfully you are creating a powerful affect on your mental state and physical body. By digesting the food, you are using the energy that was programmed and put into it.

Kitchen magick is some of the most potent magick in my opinion, and it can easily be used to help other people. Now I never use magick to affect other people without their consent or knowledge, but my family has given me permission to enchant the food I prepare for them however I see fit. My significant other actually prefers the lunches I pack him because they taste better. Making something with love is magick.

Of course herbalism is closely associated with kitchen witchery, and is a huge benefit to spells, potions, and general health. However, ALWAYS do your research. Search more than one source, and make sure you know how each plant can affect people with illness or who are taking medication. For example ginger isn’t good for pregnant women or those on blood thinners. I’m not an expert in herbalism, but I do intend to further my studies on the subject.

Check out my spice cabinet altar here!